Practical Guide to getting unlimited Subway Surfers Coins

subway surfers coinsIf you are not already playing subway surfers game, then you are missing out a great on this intriguing and addictive runner game co-developed and marketed by Kilo games and SYBO Games. In the game, you automatically assume the role of a young boy trying to escape a metropolis inspector who has just caught your doodling on the subway walls. You don’t have the detective to escape from but also his bad-tempered dog that’s always on your trail.

While escaping, you are required to grab as many coins as possible at the same making sure that you do not get hit down by either the roadblocks positioned in your path or by the ongoing trains. This is a fascinating and enjoyable game with over 100 million downloads. Ever since I started playing this game, I have difficulties letting my mobile phone rest for a while.

To play the game and also enjoy it you have to accumulate enough coins and stars which you can use to buy other upgrades such as skateboard et cetera. Getting these resources has its challenges that must be duly overcome.

Subway Surfers Coins: The Smart ways of getting them

There is no rocket science involved in getting these resources. All that is required is just the right knowledge or information of where to look and where not to.

Before examining the smart ways, lets briefly look at the not too smart ways.

The not-too-smart way is when an additional amount of time is spent in the accumulation of these resources. This method usually involves having to continuously play the game for an extended period during which you SLOWLY but steadily build upon the coins, stars, and others. While this method has the advantage of being free (you can build up on coins and stars without paying a penny), it, however, has the drawback of taking too much time during which your competitors and friends competing with you for the highest possible scores may have advanced ahead leaving you far behind. By the time you must have eventually gathered enough coins and stars, leveling up with your contestants may prove tough (if not impossible) talk less of overtaking them.

That is not okay. Yes! It is not good!!

But wait! There is a smart and better way.

Having done justice to the not-too-smart method of coins and stars getting in the game of subway surfers, let’s now talk about the smart and better ways achieving same objectives.

The quick method involves spending the shortest possible time in gathering requisite resources without spending any money in the process. In a nutshell, this means making use of subway surfers hack tool that is readily available on various game hacking site to ultimately unlock the game thus making all the premium and basic features accessible even for the first time you start playing the game.

There is nothing complicated in the hacking process of subway surfers. All that is required is to enter your game username along with the number of coins and stars that you want to generate and press the start button to begin the process of unlocking the full features of the game.