Practical Guide to Buying Best Watches for Men Under 500 Dollars

best watches for men under 500These days, finding the best watches for men under 500 can be a task that is very tedious and time-consuming: because of the many brands and models that are readily available in the local stores and online merchant sites which men can choose from. There are different men’s watch brands and model for just about any profession ranging from military, nurses, sport to aviation pilot watches and all these contribute to make the decision making confusing and overwhelming.

Thankfully with a few tips and tricks these confusion and complexity involved in finding and buying a cool and durable timepiece can be a thing of the past. If you are new when it comes to buying quality wrist watches then you have come to the right spot.

In the following paragraphs, we will walk you through basic and simple but very crucial factors that if followed carefully will aid anyone in the market for a nice timepiece to pick one up effortlessly without spending too much time trying to make up his mind on which to opt for.

Importance Factors To Keep In Mind…

Type of Strap: as we all know, all wrist watches irrespective of times comes with straps which when fastened around the wrist helps to keep the watch secured and prevent it from following off our wrist. The important point to note is that these straps come in different types depending upon the type of watch. Another important factor to note is that these straps are not suitable for use in every occasion. While a particular watch strap may be good for used when going for a party and other social get-together events, on the other hand, it may not be good for official use.

Now we said all those to drive home this point; know beforehand what purpose or occasion that you will likely be suing your wrist watch for before even going out to look for an ideal one to buy. Performing this step beforehand and performing it the right way will enable you to save a lot of your precious time that would have been spent on the shelves trying to make a decision.

The facial Design: Another important factor that you don’t want to ignore when planning for a new wrist watch is the facial design. Different watches comes with different types of crystal design meant to suit for purposes. If you are a pilot, then it is recommended that you opt for aviation types of timepiece that have both digital and analogue display. The same recommendation is applicable for those in the force looking for a nice and reliable military watches. But if you are more of an office person looking for a nice and cool timepiece to complement your official attires then there is no best choice than the brands and models equipped with crystal analogue display. These types of watches have clean and classy appeal that is known to blend well with your corporate attires giving you the bold and impressive impression.

For the casual and sportsmen, a cool wrist watch with digital display will go well as it is usually equipped with an extra ad on features like; stop watch, alarm clock, countdown times and calendar functionality which together helps the user keep track of their performance.